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After more than 25 years of keeping rats I visited for the first time in October 2008 a rat exhibition. Uncertainly whether my carpet torpedoes correspond at all to the standard or simply are only all lovely Ratze I traveled to the show - with surprising results. On special desire the participants and their results are published here.

Attila Burli Sigurd
(Best English Blue Agouti)
3. Place
in the Final.
Burli Hoppenstedt
(Best Red Eyed Siamese)
(Best Berkshire)
against many competitors succeeded.
Wandalbert leer Shaun
dropped out,
because the points are not so good.
dropped out,
because he wants to be a Blazed, but he
never make it.

.. and the Winner 2009 is - Hektor (Best Pink Eyed Withe)

leer Hektor leer

2010 ... another Success Story

Isidor Slawa leer
here with Kleinbommel
Special Price from the jury in Houten
"The biggest Rat in Show"
Swadjoslaw Hoppenstedt
Show Lüdenscheid
(Best Russian Blue)
(Best Colour)
(Best in Show)
Swadjoslaw Hoppenstedt (van) Bommel Odin
Swadjoslaw Hoppenstedt
Show in Hamburg
2. Place (male rats) in the Final.
(van) Bommel
Show in Hamburg
(Best Husky)
Show in Hamburg
(Judges' favourite)
"a double chin convinces"
Uebrig Swadjoslaw Hoppenstedt Uebrig
Show in Schoorl
95 Ponits for Germany
Swadjoslaw Hoppenstedt
Joh Qualm Bokaal
4. Place
Mooiste Genkleur
Joh Qualm Bokaal
2. Place
Mooiste Agouti

2011 ... the Show goes on

leer Uebirg leer
Übrig 2nd Place
H&O Den Helder

Odin Yamamoto bommel
Show in Dortmund
Best Oldie in show
Show in Dortmund
Best Handycap in show
Show in Dortmund
Best Oldie Husky


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